All prices for the different types of tuition are quoted on the services page of this website. Simply insert correct amount 24 hours before session takes place. Note - You will be charged half the cost of a session if you do not cancel 48 hours beforehand. 1) KS2 SATS, 11+ and common Entrance English exam skills


Tuition for KS3

2) KS3 -Understanding and producing texts – £35


Tuition for KS4 GCSE

3) KS4 – GCSE English Literature, GCSE English Language and Media Studies GCSE (Any Examining board)



4) A Level English Language, English Literature, Media Studies and Film Studies (Any board) – £50 per hour



5) Revision courses for GCSE and A level English (Autumn/Winter)



6) creative writing workshops and proofreading services – negotiable fees starting from £60 per day